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i play maple story like it's going out of style. i love it. and this is where i record my adventures for myself and anyone else interested enough to read them.

active characters
kittenlogic, 182 bishop.
kittenpride, 91 ranger.
kittenaura, 93 battlemage.

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maple_kitten [userpic]

lionheart castle (hereafter LHC) training. it's awesome.

a full 6 person party gets everyone a bonus 250% exp. the monsters give about 58k exp here, but their hp is like 12.5 million. it's the first time i've really seen my exp bar move since BB, so i'm happy with it. 1.3x and 1.5x exp cards are out, and the ticker at the top says, "for a limited time," but i hope hope HOPE they're perma because though the exp here is good, it's still pretty brutal unless you're a super DPS class. mages and bishops in particular will have to grit our teeth and appreciate what little handouts we get.

haven't yet done anything about the ultimate adventurer, and i don't know if i'm going to. all of the characters on my main account are going to be used at some point, except for my little fledgling DK, but i doubt i'm ever really going to train that one. unless UAs are only for a limited time, i'm probably just going to focus on getting my BAM to 120+ and my bish to 200.

maple_kitten [userpic]

so i made my battle mage the first day, and was instantly in love. with the reduced exp curve, i'm really delighted that i'm leveling up quickly and finding that i actually get to enjoy playing the character. when i made my ranger, i liked playing a bowman, but it was so tedious training - especially in 6x - that i just kept stopping and starting her.

my BaM is now lvl 66 and about 30%. i was extra laggy last night so i just signed out, but i'm going to make it to 70 tonight. i am that pumped about being 3rd job.

i'm on my way out to get the brakes in my car fixed, but before i forget, i wanted to list my training spots. i'm like super antisocial in game (except when it comes to my friends), so when i was getting recommendations from buddies and guides about training spots, they were assuming that i wanted to deal with ks wars and/or parties with strangers. i don't play like that. i want to be left alone to grind in peace!

0-30: edelstein quests, mixed golems (mid-late 2x).
36-45: more edelstein quests, mushroom kingdom quests*, kerning mall quests* (** do all of them and get the glove, and +1 all earring, respectively). here i used the resistance capsules given in an earlier event and skipped 30-35.
45-50: CPQ (if you can stand it), retz (empty!).
50-59: dark drakes, not the mini-dungeon. the open map has superior spawn, and is great to party with strangers if any insist upon joining you.
59-64: robots (aparatus room). the ksing here will be intense; so either train early morning or in a party of no more than 2.
64-66 (present): bunnies in ariant. empty flat map with good spawn. i will probably hang here until i don't miss cacti so much, then go there.

a few notes: i always train at least 5 levels above myself. when i match the level of the monster, i move on unless the exp is that amazing. if you're well-geared, your damage will more than compensate for the misses.

i'll post my build tomorrow, because i'm still debating whether i prefer 60+ seconds of booster or blood drain, which is really useful now that i tried it last night.

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maple_kitten [userpic]

completely off-topic, but one of my cats pooped so hard that i can smell it upstairs in my living room. and let me make note: the litterbox is downstairs, around the corner, in the laundry room with the door cracked so they can get in and out. wtf!?

anyway. the friggin resistance patch is taking forever to complete, but i learned my lesson last time and have pre-patched.

there is excitement and disappointment about this patch for me.


  • battle mages! i'm a mage for life. it's just in my nature. i have my ranger and it's fun to play her, but my happiness is in mostly a support role, and though the battle mage is an attacker, i have the support opportunity via the various auras. and i think that's rad.

  • the resistance events! super cool that i got all of those resistance energy capsules during the december events, because my battle mage will start out with a fantastically healthy beginning. and furthermore, there are resistance-exclusive events for more energy capsules as you hit the milestone levels. i will be 120 in no time.

bs and disappointment:

  • wtf, when you reach level 70 as a resistance character, you'll get a resistance ring which is pretty much lilin's ring with a different name. +3/all, 3 wep/mag att. oh awesome, glad i spent all that time logging into my various mules for an hour a day to get the evolving ring for each character, and glad i spent those many dollars buying nx for my mules during the explorer ring event which has been nerfed so badly the magic ring only adds 5% critical!!! GAJWELSEHFDFLKG!J!KELKFS!!

we'll see how this turns out. i hope it's not sooo laggy and so inundated with players that i can't train!

oh, and i keep meaning to record for myself the places and speed at which i was training my ranger, because i got from 72-90 in like 2.5 days with the new exp curve. it's win city.

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maple_kitten [userpic]

the last time i posted was a longass time ago, in the end of may. i don't know why i didn't post when i leveled up to 181 and 182, but i neglected to. i know no one reads this, but just for my own reference and the reference of anyone who might accidentally stumble upon this, i thought i should make mention of some important plot developments.

big bang made its way to KMS earlier this year, and now it's coming to GMS tihs tuesday. there are major skill changes, including adding a 30 second cooldown to genesis (lame!) but adding serious damage to previously useless skills, added magic mastery, and hp/mp to our base.

why this is important for me to mention is because i'm level 182! i'm almost there, and now i have to reconfigure my entire skillset, from 1st job on! wtf!

so right now i'm going to let you know what i have up to this point, and then post BB i'll post my build again for anyone who is confused as to what they should do.

maple warrior: 19 (can't afford 30 book)
big bang: 1
mana reflection: 30 (max)
bahamut: 30 (max)
infinity: 1
holy shield: 30 (max)
res: 10 (max)
angel ray: 30 (max)
gen: 30 (max)
hero's will: 0

just want to make note that i am a mostly solo bishop. i boss very rarely, and train with friends only occasionally. no potential equips, because i bought the best i could get back in the day, and it seems silly to spend all that money at this point in the game when i don't have that much else to use them for.

this guide seems pretty good, actually. i'm probably going to go this route.

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maple_kitten [userpic]

maple actually was fantastic this anniversary and gave out these 80% bonus party exp rings if you've been gone a long time. i don't know how long "a long time" really is, but my sin had been off long enough to get the ring.

80% ring + 2x card + 2x family = awesome. i get about 20%-25%/hr solo depending on my attention (lost was on, so i wasn't paying full). hopefully i will be 190 by the end of the event, then i can begin to slowly chip away at 200 over the summer.

i did 179-180 in three days, playing about 2.5 hours each day: 3%-20% during a 2x event, 20-60% with an old friend, and 60-100% alone tonite.

maple_kitten [userpic]

i come on and off, and nothing really exciting is going on except i'm very slowly and steadily leveling. i hope by new year's i'll be 180, then i can focus on getting 200 by the summer. as things are going right now, i'm well on schedule.

i passed holy shield 30 yesterday, which is when i leveled as well, so that was a day of good accomplishments. haven't zakked in a while due to wanting to spend time with my RL honeyface and 2x exp falling on weekends. but i'm feeling fine.

also, i've been farming and selling time pieces for money, which is hard to get these days. you can't make any unless you have ridiculously scrolled items or scrolls from gacha, all of which require actual money and/or time.

that's all. sorry for a terrible update, but life has been super super busy, and all i have time for is training a little every day and working.

maple_kitten [userpic]

so if you're like me, and you've reached level 170, you might find yourself thinking, "i need a break from training. maybe i will do some quests."

so you find yourself in time temple, trying to catch up on finishing your 999 quests since you abandoned them to train all the time. you finish the second set of quests, and are told by the temple keeper to defeat lilynouch. ok, sure dude. brb.

"how hard can it be?" you're thinking. "yeah i'm a bishop, and i know it'll take a while, but i have time to kill." so you skip away, thinking how nice it will be to be almost done with your TT quests, walking fearlessly into the lilynouch map. he probably spawns up top, like dodo did, so you go up there but stand on the stairs right below where he spawns so you don't take any damage while you genesis away.

so you're spamming gen, watching his hp bar slowly dwindle down, when you notice you're taking these ridiculous hits. and you're like, wtf? how is that happening? i'm not even on the same platform! so you jump down from the little stairs onto the platform below, thinking maybe you were just too close. you gene again, and are suddenly dead!

WTF! you scream alone in your apartment. how the fuck did i just die!? so not wanting anyone to kill your lilynouch that you so diligently chipped away at, you angrily teleport back there and start to go for it again.

sure enough, there you go, geneing away again, and you're taking ridiculous damage. and sure enough, you're dead again.


your physical appearance at this time is reminiscent of a cartoon character who has literally blown his top. smoke is spraying out of your ears, and your face is red. you decide to google this asshole.

the magic of the internet provides you with this information: "Lillinof also casts damage reflect (To magicians, this is lethal since Damage Reflect damage bypasses Magic Guard)" (strategywiki).

OH HOW NICE OF YOU TO TELL ME. so when you return a third time, you take off your nice int equips, put on your mark for more hp, and cast your dragon who will attack lilynouch above you to let you know if dmg reflect is on. you slowly and carefully this time, proceed to destroy him and laugh on his corpse.

the moral of this story is: do not live your life as though you are a badass unless you're REALLY sure you are one.

oh, and i hit 170 a couple weeks ago. prooooo!

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maple_kitten [userpic]

roxy is the best and she smegaed for me for mana reflection 20 books. she bought three of them for me and would not let me pay her, then i proceeded to FAIL two of them. they're 70%! i have the WORST luck ever.

finally, the third one passed, so i did a dance and had to go for bed. i love her to death.

so MR is lvl 14 right now. three more levels til it's lvl 20, and i think i'm going to go ahead and max it since infinity is lamers and awakening and big bang are useless.

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maple_kitten [userpic]

marc (LongGun) got his vista situation under control, so he's hosting zruns again. we went on two back to back tonite, and they were both successful. i know some buyers dced, but i think that we had 5 or 6 in total and all but maybe 2 were helmed. i've been promoted to attacker party, which is awesome, not that i attack anyway.

as far as my stats go, i've been searching for mana reflection 20 and 30 books, and NO ONE has them! i had saved like 12 sp so i could pass the books and get it up past 20, but it's totally not working out for me. i ended up maxing bahamut instead because i started soloing pap and he's really useful there for kb. i'm going to have to start soloing pianuses if i can't find this stupid book, because infinity is pretty much useless to me (10 minute cooldown, wtf), and big bang is just ... ugh.

so that's pretty much it. hopefully next weekend i'll be 165, and i hope to continue gaining a level a week or so until the event is over. i want 170!

also, i run my shit full graphics. look how sexy that fight is.

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maple_kitten [userpic]

there's nothing to say. after a hard day of grinding, (literally like 8 hours of grinding), i made it to 160 with my new buds marc and roxy. i'm so excited i can use my new 16x tag now on my LJ posts :-)

mana reflection is maxed at 10. i need the other skillbooks to proceed further. i dunno what i'm going to do about MW30 ... it just came out but i don't know of anyone with it, and since i've been training so hardcore, i haven't even been to the FM to see if it's for sale.

i feel great. i am thankful for such good friends, good levels, and good times. i love everyone.

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