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level 164, and two good zruns.

marc (LongGun) got his vista situation under control, so he's hosting zruns again. we went on two back to back tonite, and they were both successful. i know some buyers dced, but i think that we had 5 or 6 in total and all but maybe 2 were helmed. i've been promoted to attacker party, which is awesome, not that i attack anyway.

as far as my stats go, i've been searching for mana reflection 20 and 30 books, and NO ONE has them! i had saved like 12 sp so i could pass the books and get it up past 20, but it's totally not working out for me. i ended up maxing bahamut instead because i started soloing pap and he's really useful there for kb. i'm going to have to start soloing pianuses if i can't find this stupid book, because infinity is pretty much useless to me (10 minute cooldown, wtf), and big bang is just ... ugh.

so that's pretty much it. hopefully next weekend i'll be 165, and i hope to continue gaining a level a week or so until the event is over. i want 170!

also, i run my shit full graphics. look how sexy that fight is.
Tags: 16x, bosses, sp
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