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i have a story to tell you.

so if you're like me, and you've reached level 170, you might find yourself thinking, "i need a break from training. maybe i will do some quests."

so you find yourself in time temple, trying to catch up on finishing your 999 quests since you abandoned them to train all the time. you finish the second set of quests, and are told by the temple keeper to defeat lilynouch. ok, sure dude. brb.

"how hard can it be?" you're thinking. "yeah i'm a bishop, and i know it'll take a while, but i have time to kill." so you skip away, thinking how nice it will be to be almost done with your TT quests, walking fearlessly into the lilynouch map. he probably spawns up top, like dodo did, so you go up there but stand on the stairs right below where he spawns so you don't take any damage while you genesis away.

so you're spamming gen, watching his hp bar slowly dwindle down, when you notice you're taking these ridiculous hits. and you're like, wtf? how is that happening? i'm not even on the same platform! so you jump down from the little stairs onto the platform below, thinking maybe you were just too close. you gene again, and are suddenly dead!

WTF! you scream alone in your apartment. how the fuck did i just die!? so not wanting anyone to kill your lilynouch that you so diligently chipped away at, you angrily teleport back there and start to go for it again.

sure enough, there you go, geneing away again, and you're taking ridiculous damage. and sure enough, you're dead again.


your physical appearance at this time is reminiscent of a cartoon character who has literally blown his top. smoke is spraying out of your ears, and your face is red. you decide to google this asshole.

the magic of the internet provides you with this information: "Lillinof also casts damage reflect (To magicians, this is lethal since Damage Reflect damage bypasses Magic Guard)" (strategywiki).

OH HOW NICE OF YOU TO TELL ME. so when you return a third time, you take off your nice int equips, put on your mark for more hp, and cast your dragon who will attack lilynouch above you to let you know if dmg reflect is on. you slowly and carefully this time, proceed to destroy him and laugh on his corpse.

the moral of this story is: do not live your life as though you are a badass unless you're REALLY sure you are one.

oh, and i hit 170 a couple weeks ago. prooooo!
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