maple_kitten (maple_kitten) wrote,

level 175.

i come on and off, and nothing really exciting is going on except i'm very slowly and steadily leveling. i hope by new year's i'll be 180, then i can focus on getting 200 by the summer. as things are going right now, i'm well on schedule.

i passed holy shield 30 yesterday, which is when i leveled as well, so that was a day of good accomplishments. haven't zakked in a while due to wanting to spend time with my RL honeyface and 2x exp falling on weekends. but i'm feeling fine.

also, i've been farming and selling time pieces for money, which is hard to get these days. you can't make any unless you have ridiculously scrolled items or scrolls from gacha, all of which require actual money and/or time.

that's all. sorry for a terrible update, but life has been super super busy, and all i have time for is training a little every day and working.
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