maple_kitten (maple_kitten) wrote,

20 levels to go.

maple actually was fantastic this anniversary and gave out these 80% bonus party exp rings if you've been gone a long time. i don't know how long "a long time" really is, but my sin had been off long enough to get the ring.

80% ring + 2x card + 2x family = awesome. i get about 20%-25%/hr solo depending on my attention (lost was on, so i wasn't paying full). hopefully i will be 190 by the end of the event, then i can begin to slowly chip away at 200 over the summer.

i did 179-180 in three days, playing about 2.5 hours each day: 3%-20% during a 2x event, 20-60% with an old friend, and 60-100% alone tonite.
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