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yo, battle mages and excitement!

completely off-topic, but one of my cats pooped so hard that i can smell it upstairs in my living room. and let me make note: the litterbox is downstairs, around the corner, in the laundry room with the door cracked so they can get in and out. wtf!?

anyway. the friggin resistance patch is taking forever to complete, but i learned my lesson last time and have pre-patched.

there is excitement and disappointment about this patch for me.


  • battle mages! i'm a mage for life. it's just in my nature. i have my ranger and it's fun to play her, but my happiness is in mostly a support role, and though the battle mage is an attacker, i have the support opportunity via the various auras. and i think that's rad.

  • the resistance events! super cool that i got all of those resistance energy capsules during the december events, because my battle mage will start out with a fantastically healthy beginning. and furthermore, there are resistance-exclusive events for more energy capsules as you hit the milestone levels. i will be 120 in no time.

bs and disappointment:

  • wtf, when you reach level 70 as a resistance character, you'll get a resistance ring which is pretty much lilin's ring with a different name. +3/all, 3 wep/mag att. oh awesome, glad i spent all that time logging into my various mules for an hour a day to get the evolving ring for each character, and glad i spent those many dollars buying nx for my mules during the explorer ring event which has been nerfed so badly the magic ring only adds 5% critical!!! GAJWELSEHFDFLKG!J!KELKFS!!

we'll see how this turns out. i hope it's not sooo laggy and so inundated with players that i can't train!

oh, and i keep meaning to record for myself the places and speed at which i was training my ranger, because i got from 72-90 in like 2.5 days with the new exp curve. it's win city.
Tags: battle mage, patches, pro/con, resistance
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