maple_kitten (maple_kitten) wrote,

training in the new lionheart castle.

lionheart castle (hereafter LHC) training. it's awesome.

a full 6 person party gets everyone a bonus 250% exp. the monsters give about 58k exp here, but their hp is like 12.5 million. it's the first time i've really seen my exp bar move since BB, so i'm happy with it. 1.3x and 1.5x exp cards are out, and the ticker at the top says, "for a limited time," but i hope hope HOPE they're perma because though the exp here is good, it's still pretty brutal unless you're a super DPS class. mages and bishops in particular will have to grit our teeth and appreciate what little handouts we get.

haven't yet done anything about the ultimate adventurer, and i don't know if i'm going to. all of the characters on my main account are going to be used at some point, except for my little fledgling DK, but i doubt i'm ever really going to train that one. unless UAs are only for a limited time, i'm probably just going to focus on getting my BAM to 120+ and my bish to 200.

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