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well well, what do we do now? (bishop skill build post big bang)

the last time i posted was a longass time ago, in the end of may. i don't know why i didn't post when i leveled up to 181 and 182, but i neglected to. i know no one reads this, but just for my own reference and the reference of anyone who might accidentally stumble upon this, i thought i should make mention of some important plot developments.

big bang made its way to KMS earlier this year, and now it's coming to GMS tihs tuesday. there are major skill changes, including adding a 30 second cooldown to genesis (lame!) but adding serious damage to previously useless skills, added magic mastery, and hp/mp to our base.

why this is important for me to mention is because i'm level 182! i'm almost there, and now i have to reconfigure my entire skillset, from 1st job on! wtf!

so right now i'm going to let you know what i have up to this point, and then post BB i'll post my build again for anyone who is confused as to what they should do.

maple warrior: 19 (can't afford 30 book)
big bang: 1
mana reflection: 30 (max)
bahamut: 30 (max)
infinity: 1
holy shield: 30 (max)
res: 10 (max)
angel ray: 30 (max)
gen: 30 (max)
hero's will: 0

just want to make note that i am a mostly solo bishop. i boss very rarely, and train with friends only occasionally. no potential equips, because i bought the best i could get back in the day, and it seems silly to spend all that money at this point in the game when i don't have that much else to use them for.

this guide seems pretty good, actually. i'm probably going to go this route.
Tags: 18x, big bang, skill build, sp
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