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battle mage progress.

so i made my battle mage the first day, and was instantly in love. with the reduced exp curve, i'm really delighted that i'm leveling up quickly and finding that i actually get to enjoy playing the character. when i made my ranger, i liked playing a bowman, but it was so tedious training - especially in 6x - that i just kept stopping and starting her.

my BaM is now lvl 66 and about 30%. i was extra laggy last night so i just signed out, but i'm going to make it to 70 tonight. i am that pumped about being 3rd job.

i'm on my way out to get the brakes in my car fixed, but before i forget, i wanted to list my training spots. i'm like super antisocial in game (except when it comes to my friends), so when i was getting recommendations from buddies and guides about training spots, they were assuming that i wanted to deal with ks wars and/or parties with strangers. i don't play like that. i want to be left alone to grind in peace!

0-30: edelstein quests, mixed golems (mid-late 2x).
36-45: more edelstein quests, mushroom kingdom quests*, kerning mall quests* (** do all of them and get the glove, and +1 all earring, respectively). here i used the resistance capsules given in an earlier event and skipped 30-35.
45-50: CPQ (if you can stand it), retz (empty!).
50-59: dark drakes, not the mini-dungeon. the open map has superior spawn, and is great to party with strangers if any insist upon joining you.
59-64: robots (aparatus room). the ksing here will be intense; so either train early morning or in a party of no more than 2.
64-66 (present): bunnies in ariant. empty flat map with good spawn. i will probably hang here until i don't miss cacti so much, then go there.

a few notes: i always train at least 5 levels above myself. when i match the level of the monster, i move on unless the exp is that amazing. if you're well-geared, your damage will more than compensate for the misses.

i'll post my build tomorrow, because i'm still debating whether i prefer 60+ seconds of booster or blood drain, which is really useful now that i tried it last night.
Tags: 6x, battle mage, training, training areas
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